Job Interest

A couple weeks ago I started looking into a consultant type business where you book parties and sell products. I wanted to start doing something part time (and on a very flexible schedule) now that Cameron is in school for half the day. This business I looked into doesn't appear to have any local consultants according to it's locator site, so I guess that's a plus. I just don't know how good I would be at selling. Of course, the consultant job might not fit real good with the 8-12 time slot I wanted to work in, but it's still flexible enough to work for me.

Also, there has been a job opening at a store for quite a while that I would be interested in and a position that I believe would also be flexible. I think the next time I am in there I will ask to see what specifically they are looking for.

Something more to think about I guess.


Elisabeth said...

Hooray for extra income. Good luck in finding something. =)