The Weekend

Can you believe I am sitting outside with a light blanket over me? Cameron wanted to play outside first thing this morning and to my surprise it's a bit chilly out. Yahoo says the temp is 63 and there are some clouds in the sky. It's so refreshing to feel a little bit of crisp air. Looks like the temps are going to be pretty mild this week.

So my weekend went pretty well. Saturday started out pretty dreary with rain showers. Cameron and I attended little Miss Emily's first birthday party in her new house. The drive there took me through area's I had never been before but was always curious about. We had to go through a toll booth that I have heard so much about in the years I have lived here but never had a clue where it was. The community she lives in is just beautiful and just made for a really interesting drive. The party was really nice and Emily really enjoyed getting messy with her cake. While we were there the sun popped out and the rest of the day was pretty nice.

Later that evening hubby, Cam and I went to dinner and then I watched Brokeback Mountain after Cam went to bed. The movie was really good, but I wish they had shown what year it was through the movie since so much time passed in between seeing each other. I had a hard time figuring the time line. Good movie though.

Sunday was Mothers Day of course. I got to sleep in late (well, after getting up early with Cameron and then going back to bed). We went to Ruby Tuesdays for a late lunch/early dinner and I treated myself with one of their yummy Blondie deserts. Oohhh it was goooood. After that we went bowling. We had so much fun on Friday when we took Cameron and decided to go back for some more. I beat hubby both games, but of course he says it's because it was Mothers Day and he had to let me win. Not sure what his reason was when I beat him on Friday. LOL It was a lot of fun though and I have a feeling that we will be visiting the bowling alley frequently.

After bowling it was time to head home and relax while watching some great TV! Survivor wrapped up and I was catching it during the commercials for Desperate Housewives which was awesome. Some of their shows this season have been a bit disappointing, but they are ending the season with a bang! Next weeks final episode looks to be thrilling. And then came part 1 of 2 for Greys Anatomy finale and that was amazing. I am so glad part 2 is a 2 hour show tonight so I don't have to wait a week. Yes, I get excited over television shows. I can't help it.

So that was my weekend. I think it has given me a good charge to start the week off. The last couple weeks I have felt so lazy for some reason. This week I will have a big to do list and I am determined to get it all done.