Emotional Morning

Cameron had a pretty emotional morning that we have not experienced before. We have a curio cabinet in the living. For the 4-5 years we have had it there has always been a wedding picture of hubby and I holding my nephew. He was about a year and half in the picture and is now 7. Above the shelf that picture is on is baby picture of Cameron. She has always known the pictures were there. A couple weeks ago she mentioned the wedding picture and said, "you and Daddy were holding me when I was baby." I explained to her that we were holding Jacob when he was a baby. She just said, "oh, that's Jacob." Nothing more was said. Then this morning she mentioned the picture again and asked who we were holding. I told her Jacob. I left the living room to go get dressed and I hear her whimpering. I called her in the bedroom and her eyes were red and all teary. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "you and daddy are just holding Jacob." I went through the whole thing of explaining in my best 3 year old terms why we were holding Jacob and not her. Told she wasn't a baby when Jacob was a baby and so on. I went on to get ready to go out and she kept going by the picture and would just cry and get really upset. It went on for a good 45 minutes. I had asked her if she wanted me to put the picture away and she said yes. So I took it out of the cabinet and moved the baby picture of her down one shelf so it was next to our wedding picture. The crying continued. I ended up going through my photo box and pulling out a picture of hubby holding her at the hospital and a picture of me holding her with hubby behind me. I scanned the pictures, resized them (keep in mind I am trying to get ready so we can go run our errands), print them and put them in a key chain photo frame so that she had a picture of us holding her that she could keep with her. Ugh! I really don't know why that was so upsetting to her. She finally calmed down once we left and she took the key chain with her every place we went.
We ended at McDonald's with some lunch and so she could play for a while. We get in the driveway and she starts whimpering again and getting teary. I asked what was wrong and she said, "I just missed my Daddy so much." We move into the house and she knows it's nap time. Now it is not uncommon for her to whine and shed a tear or two when I tell her to do something she doesn't want to and will say, "I just want my Daddy." But the sincere crying was much different. She layed in her bed for almost 10 minutes crying and every once in a while she would say, "oh Daddy I just miss you so much." I assume she was looking at his picture because she had the key chain with her. It was breaking my heart. I asked her a couple times if she wanted to call Daddy, but she didn't want to (not unusual, she doesn't talk to anyone on the phone).
Very odd for her to be so weepy for as long as she was and getting so upset about the picture that she has seen all her life. Strange. Daddy will have to make sure to love on her a little extra when he gets home tonight.


Anonymous said...

awwwwww! Is she better this morning?


Melissia said...

Yes, she is better this morning. The keychain is still with her though. :o)

Anonymous said...

I believe that keychain is going to be her "security blanket" right now - that is so very sweet! I hope daddy gave her lots of attention when he got home.

Jen said...

Poor baby! I know what you mean about knowing the difference between being whiney and being sincerely upset. Maybe she was just feeling "off" that day for no particular reason. Glad to hear she's feeling better now. :)