Ducks And Hippos

If you have been reading here you should know how much I dislike Toys R Us, however they had a deal I could not pass up. They had buy one get one free on 3 children's games. So we went today and I bought Lucky Ducks . This is such a cute game for the little ones. Have you ever played the duck pond game at the fair where you pick a rubber duck out of the pond and win the prize written on the bottom of the duck? Lucky ducks is the same concept. Little ducks turn and bump in a pond while you take turns pick one up and looking for one with a dot that matches the color of your duck nest. 3 ducks win. So cute! (although the constant quacking of the ducks gets a little annoying).

The free one I got is the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos. I wasn't too sure about this game because of Cameron's sensitivity to loud noises. Anyone who remembers this game as a kid should know how noisy it can get whopping on the hippos and the all. She loved it. We played 5 times. I told her we would play it again later with Daddy. My only other choice for a free game was crocodile dentist and I didn't think that look too interesting.

And while I am speaking of games, I have to recommend another cute game for the little one's. Pooh's Musical Hide And Seek. Cameron got this for Christmas from her Aunt and Uncle and it's a really cute game for little ones.