I have really been wanting to get involved in some sort of charity group or become an active advocate for children in some way. Sometimes I feel so worthless being on this earth. I know I am not useless though. If I weren't here the dog would starve, there wouldn't be a clean dish in the house, the roaches, rats and spiders would feel at home and hubby would either have creditors busting down the door or be filing bankruptcy. And I don't even want to think about Cameron. Okay so I am getting off on a tangent. The point is I want to do something or be involved in something that I know is going to make a difference to someone even if it is something small. I want to have the feeling of knowing that something I did was appreciated by someone. I think what is holding me up is not knowing how to get involved in an organization, or even what organization to look at. So until I figure all that out I am going to contribute something in small ways.

For a few months I have sent handmade cards to terminally ill children. I hope that my cards are contributing to the smiles of children who are traveling a hard road and may not have many days of smiles. My Aunt in law turn me on to a Catholic organization that supplies people with materials to make rosaries for the Catholic Mission at a very low cost. She dropped off some of her extra supplies for me the other day and I am going to give it a try. I am hoping to be able to contribute to the process of bringing Christ into people's lives by providing missionaries with rosaries to give to people. And today I made my first two memory boxes that will go to hospitals and be given to parents who have lost their babies. The boxes will be used to put small keepsakes in like birth certificate, foot prints, pictures and so on. I purchased 2 large heart shaped paper mache boxes and I spent the entire day painting them. I was only going to do one today, but I enjoyed it so much and it was so relaxing that I decided to do both of them. I am not an artist, but I did my best. I plan to get some more boxes this weekend and do a couple more. My hope is that I will be contributing to the healing process of those who lost their children too soon.

It felt good having something to do today that I knew was going to be helpful to some one else. I would like to be able to devote at least 2 days a week to work on these 3 projects so that I have something to send out for each at the end of the month.

Here are the boxes I did today. I have to finish the bottom of the care bear one.


Anonymous said...

great job on the memory boxes! I would love to know how you did those :-)It looks like a lot of patience