Who Is Lady Heather?

Okay all you CSI fans out there (that would be Dawn :o) )Who is Lady Heather that was on last nights show? I mean what are her ties to Grissom? I just started watching this show a few weeks ago. My friend Dawn has mentioned she is an avid fan of the show so I decided to check it out one night and now I am hooked. Not only am I hooked to CSI, but also Law and Order:SVU, Criminal Minds and NCIS. All of these are shows I have never watched until recently. Even my hubby enjoys watching them (one of the few things we agree on).
Okay so back to point. Obviously there is some history with this Lady Heather and Grissom so what is that about?


da' Mama said...

CSI rocks...and is totally addictive. It's one of the main reasons I wanted to turn off our cable. It comes on at least twice a day and I was glued to it everytime. I could just feel my butt getting bigger as I sat in front of the tube.

But it is AWESOME!!! CSI- Miami and New York just aren't the same. Not Grissom=no good


You two missed a great party last night :o( Lots of fun and cute cards to boot.

Anonymous said...

Uh - what party last night?

Yes there is some history with Lady Heather, I can't remember what season it happend- but she runs a brothel - lol - and apparently one of the johns or was it one of her girls was murdered - hmmmm - anyway someone was murdered in her brothel and during the investigation Lady Heather took a liking to Gil and vice versa but nothing every happened she flirted with him a lot and they shared conversations but there was definitely an interest there -